How to Prevent Basement Leaks Through Basic Research

Prevent Basement Leaks

Are you worried about how to prevent basement leaks and basement seepage? There are several measures you can take to avoid having basement problems and water damage. But no matter what steps you take, whether they include sealing with a membrane or basement waterproofing, if water is not stopped from leaking into your basement, you will end up with costly damage. A basement leak repair contractor can give you advice on how to prevent basement leaks, basement seepage and basement water damage.

How to Prevent Basement Leaks Through Basic Research

If you see water dripping or running from your pipes, do not panic! Although basement leaks are sometimes your best bet for determining if a basement waterproofing problem exists, the only sure-fire way to be sure is to have it fixed. If a leak is located in a critical spot that cannot be repaired, it is time to call a professional waterproofing company to come out and evaluate the situation. Even if there is only minimal leakage in your basement floor, drainage system or a sump pump, if there is water running through cracks in the basement floors is the place to start. A basement leak repair technician can determine if there is a leak in your basement and the best course of action is to fix it.

One of the most common causes of basement leaks is insufficient grading of the walls.

When soil particles move down the slope, they sometimes get squeezed between the walls and the foundation. If this is the case, then the walls may need to be graded properly to help keep water away from the foundation. If the walls are not graded properly, then groundwater can accumulate behind the walls and cause them to get unstable. In the long run, this will contribute to more basement leaks.

The second most common cause of basement leaks is drainage problems.

For this, you will need to hire a professional basement waterproofing contractor to take care of the problem. There are a few ways to prevent basement leaks such as using non-slip paving and sealing the basement floors and walls. In addition, if your home has had recent renovations, including basement remodeling, then using competent professionals to complete the work would be advisable. After all, who wants to spend money on repairs and add on more living space when there are cheaper solutions available?

The third most common cause of basement leaks is standing water pressure.

Standing water pressure can be caused by rainwater leaking onto the house, standing water in your underground pipes or even seepage from underground cabling and/or pipes. Standing water pressure will often force you to pour adhesive down the pipe or hole and then seal it up. If the pipe or hole has already been sealed, then you should consider repairing the damage yourself before calling in a professional contractor.

If your basement water seepage is not due to rainwater, there could also be several other causes.

One of these is improper basement wall construction. In order to determine whether or not the basement wall construction was done correctly, you can perform a visual inspection. If you notice cracks anywhere along the wall, you should call in an expert to see what he or she can do for you. This is especially true if the cracks are large. This type of basement water seepage may require basement wall replacement in some cases.

When it comes to basement leaks, the good news is that this does not have to get you into serious financial trouble.

While you should certainly repair any standing water that seeps into your home, you do not need to get price quotes from multiple companies before making a decision. You may even be able to get some price quotes online and save money by doing your own leak inspection and repairs. Of course, in most cases, you will still want to hire a contractor to get price quotes and to perform repairs on your behalf. However, there are many companies online who will quote you within minutes and give you an exact price on their services.

In the past, it was necessary for homeowners to hire a plumber or a foundation repair contractor to fix drainage problems around the house.

Luckily, today you do not need to spend an outrageous amount of money in order to protect your family and your investment. You simply need to invest in a high quality basement waterproofing system. Fortunately, there are many companies who are willing to help you with this important purchase. If you know how to prevent basement leaks, you can save a lot of money in the future.

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