Hand Shower Fitting and Installing Hand Held Showers

Hand shower fitting with 5mm glass shower enclosures is affordable cost effective shower fitting. This type of fitting provides the convenience and safety of having a shower without having to worry about having a drain or overflow. These fixtures also provide the added convenience that you can simply replace a leaky fitting for a leak-free showering experience.

Hand held showers with ABS material come with a hand held, hand operated spray head which can easily be replaced when necessary. The hand held head is made from hard ABS material with a built in water level indicator, which makes it easy to measure the level of water in the shower area. The spray head features an overfill valve which allows for the safe filling of the shower with water. Full chrome bath tub CE approved fittings are incorporated into the shower enclosure to ensure that you have a shower that meets all of your showering requirements.

Hand held showers with a 5mm walled bathtub have been designed to provide the convenience of a standard bath tub while still providing the high levels of safety that many prefer in a shower. The bath tubs have a standard bath tub base with hand held water controls with full chrome bath tub fittings.

These shower enclosures are made from high quality materials such as aluminum, cast aluminum, PVC and fiberglass. They are constructed out of durable construction materials and are designed to withstand the demands that many individuals put on them. They have features that offer both safety and convenience. The shower enclosures come in either a standard size or larger sized enclosures depending on the needs of the individual who will be using the shower.

The installation of the hand held shower is quick and easy. It is designed to be simple enough for an individual with no knowledge in home improvement to install. They come with pre-drilled holes for the water supply line, bath tub, drain pipe and other fixtures that are required to complete the installation. They do not require the need for drilling any holes into the walls to accommodate the fixtures. All you need is some basic hand tools to finish the job.

In the process of installing the hand shower, an individual will need to read the installation manual before attempting to put it together. After it has been installed it will need to be filled with water and placed inside the wall to ensure that the hand held shower is completely waterproof and completely set up.

When you begin the installation process, you should make sure that the water flow is sufficient and that the shower enclosure is completely secured. Most manufacturers recommend that the wall to be poured in with water at least half an inch into the floor. to allow for proper drainage so that you do not flood the bathroom.

Before you begin installing the hand held shower, you should make sure that the floor is fully tiled and that you have tiled all other surfaces of the bathroom in order to ensure that there are no leaks during the installation process. It is important to follow the directions exactly to ensure that the shower fitting is installed correctly and that the shower enclosures are fully installed and working properly.

You can purchase the hand held shower fitting and enclosures from your local plumbing contractor or from several online stores. They typically have a wide selection to select from and can offer the installation at a reasonable cost.

Once you have finished the installation process, it is a good idea to thoroughly wipe down the walls of the bathroom with a cleaning solution that contains mild detergent. to remove any soap scum that may have formed after using the shower.

In order to be able to successfully install shower enclosures, it is best to have at least two hands available to assist with this task. The hand holding devices should not be used on the first few installations because the installation process could result in accidents.

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